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Annapurna Expedition 2010

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Dispatch 1: March 25th, 2010  Arrival in Kathmandu

Dispatch 2: Free Day in Kathmandu, Meeting with Elizabeth Hawley

Dispatch 3: Kathmandu; Final Preparations for Trek to BC

Dispatch 4: Drive from Kathmandu to Beni

Dispatch 5: Trekking Plans Change; Bus from Beni to Lete

Dispatch 6: Trek from Lete to Marpha (2,670 meters)

Dispatch 7: Trek from Marpha to Muktinath (3,700 meters) 

Dispatch 8: Trek from Muktinath to Thorung La (5,416m); Lete

Dispatch 9: Trek from Lete (2,480m) to Jungle Camp (3,400m)

Dispatch 10: Trek from Jungle Camp to Phulkharka (4,200m) 

Dispatch 11: Trek from Phulkharka (4200m) to Miristi Khola (3500m) 

Dispatch 12: Trek from Miristi Khola to Annapurna North Base Camp

Dispatch 13: Puja Ceremony in BC; Preparations for Carry to Camp I

Dispatch 14: Climb to Camp I (4,900 meters)

Dispatch 15: Descent to Base Camp; Avalanche Sweeps Route

Dispatch 16: Annapurna Base Camp; Wait for Helicopter Continues

Dispatch 17: Expedition Members and Gear arrive in Base Camp

Dispatch 18: Rest Day in Base Camp; Preparation for Climb to Camp II

Dispatch 19: Climb to Camp II Postponed; Stomach Illness; Storm

Dispatch 20: Recovery in Base Camp; Preparation for Carry to Camp I

Dispatch 21: Climb to Camp I; Avalanche in BC, Thunder Storm

Dispatch 22: Climb to Camp II; Joao Garcia Goes for Summit Push

Dispatch 23: Climb toward Camp III (6,600m); Return to Base Camp

Dispatch 24: Al Filo and Joao Garcia Summit Annapurna; Rest Day

Dispatch 25: Preparation for Climb to Camp III; Summiteers in C2

Dispatch 26: Joao Garcia arrives back in Base Camp

Dispatch 27: Climb from Base Camp to Camp II (5565 meters)

Dispatch 28: Concussion/Neck Injury from Falling Serac (6250m)

Dispatch 29: Descent from Camp II to Base Camp

Dispatch 30: Recovery and Preparation for Summit Push

Dispatch 31: Heavy Snow Complicates Summit Push; Koreans in C1

Dispatch 32: Summit Push: Climb to CII; Problems with Equilibrium 

Dispatch 33: Summit Push: Head Trauma Complications; Retreat to BC

Dispatch 34: Multiple Teammates Summit, CLIMBERS MISSING

Dispatch 35: High Altitude Rescue (B3) attempt for Tolo Calafat (7600m)

Dispatch 36: B3 Arrives to Base Camp for High Altitude Rescues

Dispatch 37: Wait for Sonam and Dawa Continues

Dispatch 38: Sonam and Dawa Safe; Helicopter to Pokhara

Dispatch 39: Maoist Clashes in Nepal; Total Shutdown of Infrastructure

Dispatch 40: Maoist Demonstrations Continue

Current Time in Kathmandu