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Dispatch Forty: May 3rd, 2010

Annapurna Expedition 2010

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Day Forty: Maoist Demonstrations Continue

Today, yet again, the capital was shut down, all shops were closed, roads were blocked and transportation was halted. I decided to head out into the chaos and shoot some photos (shown above and below). The day was more or less devoid of productivity. We had a meeting downstairs with Beni regarding the price of the helicopter and the location of our equipment, then Piotr headed to the Ministry of Tourism for the expedition debriefing. The supermarket in Thamel opened momentarily in the eveningand was quickly flooded with tourists who bought reserves of food. It was closed soon after and Kathmandu reverted back to desertion. I will fly out on the 6th.

Photos: Maoist supporters were out in force today at a rally just outside of Thamel. They were said to number in the hundreds of thousands and riot police were on standby in case the situation escalated. The majority of the protesters were armed with long sticks.