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Dispatch Thirty-seven: April 30th, 2010

Annapurna Expedition 2010

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Day Thirty-seven: Wait for Sonam and Dawa Continues

Today, we woke up at 7am thanks to a helicopter landing quite close to our base camp, taking a number of Korean base camp members down to Pokara. We headed to the mess tent for breakfast then spent the morning drying our equipment and packing our things for our departure tomorrow morning. In the afternoon, in an effort to distract ourselves from our preoccupation with the fate of Sonam and Dawa (whom we havenít heard from since the helicopter evacuated Juanito, Carlos and Horia from Camp IV), we visited the other expeditions in base camp and said our goodbyes. We are hoping that the reason for the lack of contact is only a dead battery in the radio, and that the two are heading down very slowly to base camp. We are, however, a bit concerned as we would have expected them to descend from Camp IV to Camp II yesterday, and be in base camp sometime today in the early afternoon. We can only hope that they stopped to rest in Camp I or II for the evening and will arrive to Base Camp early tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, we are scheduled to head down in the helicopter four at a time the first heli scheduled to arrive at 6:30am.