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Dispatch Eighteen: April 11th, 2010

Annapurna Expedition 2010

Day Eighteen: Rest Day in BC; Preparation for Climb to Camp II

Today, I woke up as usual around 6am, and read until breakfast. Jorge and Martin appear to have left for Camp I or II today, as they weren’t at breakfast. The rest of us enjoyed the warm morning and chatted for a few hours in the mess tent. Afterwards, I started preparing my pack for tomorrow (it ended up weighing around 30kg’s). I plan to sleep in Camp I, get an early start over the glacier to Camp II to reduce the risk of collapsing snow bridges (over crevasses) and avalanches, and establish and sleep in Camp II (5,600 meters), weather permitting. I may also head toward Camp III to see the route, however, I don’t plan on reaching Camp III as the winds are forecast to be quite strong (which is why the Spanish Al Filo Expedition turned back yesterday). I trained the cook on how to use my radio and scheduled radio calls at 12:00 noon and 6pm. I plan to be on the mountain for the next three days. I spent the afternoon further organizing my tent; now that I have all of my equipment in base camp, I really need a larger tent. Once this was done, I had dinner with the group, and got an early night as I will be waking up quite early tomorrow for the climb to Camp I.

Photo: Map of the 2010 route from Camp I to Camp II

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