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Dispatch Twenty-nine: April 22nd, 2010

Annapurna Expedition 2010

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Day Twenty-nine: Descent from Camp II to Base Camp

Today, after a radio call at 7am, I packed up my backpack and started down in the clear morning in new snow to Camp I. I made quick progress and was crossing the crevasse field within 20 minutes of leaving Camp II. I continued alone over the glacier until I was met by Jorge, Martin and Horia, who had come up from Base Camp to help me down (something I told them on the radio was unnecessary but was thankful for nonetheless). I roped up with the three of them and continued till Camp I. We stopped for ten minutes to change shoes and deposit some equipment inside my tent, then continued down until past the deposit (an hour outside base camp). Here, I was met by Peter, Piotr and Kinga and we stopped and had some tea that Piotr had brought up before continuing the rest of the way to Base Camp. I arrived and felt more or less fine, aside from a headache on the wrong side of my head (the opposite side from the one that was struck), a very stiff neck, and a horribly sunburned/windburned face. Having forgone breakfast in fear that it might not stay down on the descent, I asked the cook to make me an omelet and was pleased when I was able to keep it down. After lunch, the group discussed summit plans and weather forecasts. I was relieved to hear that I still have at least one rest day before anyone (aside from the Korean expedition who’s summit plan is based on their broadcast schedule rather than the weather forecast) was starting up for the summit. Hopefully, I will be feeling strong by then and will be able to head up with the main group. I must say that I am a bit pensive to start up from Camp II to Camp III if there are still high winds (which there very well may be). I can only hope that the seracs are done collapsing and that the snow and cold temperatures above will stabilize things for the upcoming ascent. 


Photos: Left: Nick Rice descending from Camp II over the crevasse field (Photo: Jorge Egocheaga); Right: Martin, Nick, and Horia (left to right) on the glacier close to Camp I (Photo: Jorge Egocheaga)