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Dispatch Seventeen: April 10th, 2010

Annapurna Expedition 2010

Day Seventeen: Expedition Members and Gear arrive in Base Camp

Today, to our delight, we awoke to the sound of a helicopter landing in base camp. We hurried outside and were told that the remaining expedition members and our gear were coming. We waited as the first helicopter evacuated some staff from base camp, then watched as one by one, our equipment and a member of our expedition arrived on six separate helicopters. Kinga Baranowska, Piotr Pustelnik, Peter Hamor, Joao Garcia, Horia Colibasanu, Evgheny Vinogradski, and Serguey Bogomolov arrived. Our base camp setup was upgraded thanks to the missing group gear being delivered and our lives here in base camp were suddenly made much more comfortable. The small mess tent we were using prior to the other’s arrival was put away, and a large, much nicer one was erected. I spent the morning setting up my electrical equipment and solar charging setup, and was very pleased to see everything working efficiently. I was able to charge everything to full capacity without draining the battery at all thanks to my new, very powerful solar panel. After this was done and everyone was settled in, we had lunch and chatted for awhile about past expeditions (this group’s collective experience is quite impressive; sitting inside our mess tent, we have two climbers who have 13/14 8000 meter summits. They’re only missing Annapurna). After lunch, we were all shocked to find out that the Polish president and a large portion of the parliament had been killed in a plane crash. We’re all quite keen to get more details about exactly what happened and how the country will deal with such a devastating loss in the coming days. Exhausted from setting everything up, we retired to our individual tents and relaxed for the remainder of the afternoon.

Photos: Left: Annapurna viewed with our base camp in the foreground; Right: My complicated electrical setup

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