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Dispatch Twenty: April 13th, 2010

Annapurna Expedition 2010

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Day Twenty: Recovery in Base Camp; Preparation for Carry to Camp I

Today, I opted to stay in Base Camp to further recover before heading up. Quite a bit of snow fell last night and I thought it best to allow the slopes to settle before heading over the crevasse field that just a few days ago was swept by an avalanche. I repacked my backpack, then sat in the mess tent with Jorge and Martin and read my book. The others in the group headed up early this morning to establish Camp I and II, some opting to spend the night while others are heading down to sleep here in base camp. Felling much better today, I plan on heading up to Camp I tomorrow, then establishing Camp II the following day and perhaps, exploring the route to Camp III, weather permitting. After this, I will spend a few days resting in Base Camp, sleep in Camp III, then wait for a summit weather window to materialize.

Photos: Left: Annapurna North Base Camp; Right: Nick enroute to Camp I