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Corporate Sponsorship:

Sponsorship of an 8000 meter expedition can increase international exposure of your brand to a very diverse demographic. Sponsorship amounts vary depending on varying trip cost and individual company interest and are negotiable. Suggested amounts and respective benefits to the company are listed below. Please contact Nicholas Rice for more information.

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Why Contribute:

Expeditions to the world’s highest mountains in the Karakorum require extensive funding. The following list gives you an idea of just how expensive a single expedition to this region actually is.


International Airfare to and from Islamabad

Excess Baggage Fee (last year it was $400.00 each way)

Ground Transportation for climbers and gear to and from Skardu and Askole

Peak Royalty Fee (approximately $5000.00 for Pakistan)

Transportation of Gear to and from Base Camp (Porters)

Base Camp Services (i.e. Mess Tent, Kitchen Tent, Food at Base Camp, etc.)

Base Camp Staff (Cook, Cook Helper, Base Camp Manager, Sirdar, Guide for Trek)

Liaison Officer from the Pakistani Army (Salary, Daily Allowance, Equipment, Food, etc.)

Satellite Phone Permit

Radio Permit

Camp Fees for the Trek to Base Camp (Jhula, Paiju, Urdukas, Goro II, Concordia, etc.)

Environmental Bond (1000.00)

Pollution Fee (200.00)

Insurance for Base Camp Staff, Liaison Officer, and Climbers

Hotel Accommodations while in Islamabad, Chilas, and Skardu

Bridge Crossing Fees

Helicopter Rescue Bond (6000.00)

Cargo Fees and Customs Charges for Import and Export

Satellite Phone Minutes ($1.00 per minute *price increasing May 1st)

Service Plan for Regional BGAN Satellite Modem ($40.00 per Megabyte)

Tips (trust me, they add up!)


Individual Contributions, no matter how small, help make Nick’s expeditions possible.

Sponsorship Level

Summit Sponsor

Advanced Base Camp Sponsor

Base Camp Sponsor

Trekking Sponsor

Sponsorship Amount

$10,001 - $15,000

$7,001 - $10,000

$2,501 - $7,000

Up to $2,500

Naming Rights to the Expedition





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