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Manaslu Solo Expedition 2009

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Dispatch 1: March 24th, 2009 Arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dispatch 2: Birthday in stormy KTM, Meeting with Elizabeth Hawley

Dispatch 3: Bus Ride from Kathmandu to Arughat

Dispatch 4: Trek Day 1: Arughat to Khursani Bari

Dispatch 5: Trek Day 2: Khursani Bari to Machha Khola

Dispatch 6: Trek Day 3: Machha Khola to Jagat 

Dispatch 7: Trek Day 4: Jagat to Deng

Dispatch 8: Trek Day 5: Deng to Namrung

Dispatch 9: Trek Day 6: Namrung to Sama Gaon

Dispatch 10: Trek Day 7: Rest Day in Sama Gaon

Dispatch 11: Trek Day 8:Puja Ceremony in Sama Gaon

Dispatch 12: Trek Day 9: Sama Gaon to Manaslu Base Camp

Dispatch 13: Rest Day in Manaslu Base Camp; Revelations

Dispatch 14: Puja Ceremony in Manaslu BC; Visit to Korean BC

Dispatch 15: Carry to Camp I aborted due to Storm

Dispatch 16: Manaslu Base Camp; Storm Continues

Dispatch 17: Storm Intensifies; Avalanche Destroys Base Camp

Dispatch 18: Weather Clears; High Winds on Manaslu

Dispatch 19: Carry to Camp I; Korean Tents Destroyed

Dispatch 20: Rest Day in Base Camp; Spanish Expedition Arrives

Dispatch 21: Rest Day in Base Camp; Japanese Expedition Arrives

Dispatch 22: Climb to Camp I (5,800 meters)

Dispatch 23: Climb to Camp II (6,400 meters); Storm

Dispatch 24: Solo Descent from Stormy Camp II

Dispatch 25: Manaslu BC; Storm; Wait for Summit Window

Dispatch 26: Weather Changes; Party in Base Camp

Dispatch 27: Climb to Camp I (5,800m); Perfect Weather

Dispatch 28: Climb to Camp II (6,400m)

Dispatch 29: Climb to Camp III (7000m) in Epic Snow Storm

Dispatch 30: Descent from Camp III in Epic Storm

Dispatch 31: Rest Day in Base Camp; Summit Plans

Dispatch 32: Manaslu Base Camp; Wait for Summit Window

Dispatch 33: Blood Tests in Manaslu Base Camp

Dispatch 34: Climb from Base Camp to Camp II

Dispatch 35: Climb from Camp II to Camp III

Dispatch 36: Rescue of Italian Climber; Climb to Camp IV

Dispatch 37: Italian Climber Dies; Rescue of Marco Ruscarri

Dispatch 38: Italians Decide to Head Home

Dispatch 39: Body of Giuseppe Antonelli Airlifted to KTM

Dispatch 40: Italians Begin Trek Down to Kathmandu

Dispatch 41: Manaslu BC; Lina Makes Carry to Camp II

Dispatch 42: Wait for Summit Window Continues

Dispatch 43: Forecast Hopeful; Summit Window in Sight

Dispatch 44: Summit Push Planned with Mario and Carlos Pauner

Dispatch 45: Mario, Carlos, and I climb from Base Camp to Camp II

Dispatch 46: Forecast Changes; Summit Push Aborted

Dispatch 47: Spanish Climber Goes Blind in One Eye in Camp II

Dispatch 48: Ana Airlifted to Kathmandu; Snow Storm Continues

Dispatch 49: Non-Stop Snow in Manaslu Base Camp

Dispatch 50: Pika Mouse Makes My Tent Its New Home

Dispatch 51: Carlos Pauner and Team Evac’d to KTM by Helicopter

Dispatch 52: Summit Push Planned Around the 18th of May

Dispatch 53: Final Preparations for Summit Push

Dispatch 54: SUMMIT PUSH: Climb from Base Camp to Camp II

Dispatch 55: SUMMIT PUSH: Climb from Camp II to High Camp II

Dispatch 56: SUMMIT PUSH: Climb from High Camp II to Camp IV

Dispatch 57: SUMMIT PUSH: 11:30am MANASLU SUMMIT

Dispatch 58: SUMMIT PUSH: Descent from Camp IV to Base Camp

Dispatch 59: Rest Day in Base Camp; Packing

Dispatch 60: Trek from Manaslu Base Camp to Sama Gaon

Dispatch 61: Trek From Sama Gaon to Namrung

Dispatch 62: Trek From Namrung to Philim in Electrical Storm

Dispatch 63: Rainy Trek from Philim to Lapu Besi

Dispatch 64: Trek from Lapu Besi to Arughat

Dispatch 65: Jeep from Arughat to Kathmandu

Dispatch 66: Final Dispatch; Meeting with Elizabeth Hawley

Current Time in Kathmandu