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Extreme High Altitude Athlete
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2009 Solo Manaslu Expedition

Dispatch Forty-nine: May 11th, 2009

Day Forty-nine: Non-Stop Snow in Manaslu Base Camp

Today, after digging out my tent from the four feet of new snow that buried it last night, I headed down to the mess tent for breakfast. The snow persisted non-stop. Carlos Pauner came up for a visit and to tell us that on the 13th, he will take a helicopter back down to Kathmandu. He’s throwing in the towel as the forecast doesn’t seem to be yielding a summit window and thanks to the immense amount of snow we’ve received the past few days, even if a summit window does come, accessing Camp II will be relatively hazardous thanks to the avalanche prone slopes that must be traversed. He headed back down to his camp leaving us a bit more pessimistic than before. We still will wait for a few days to see the forecast and decide. After all, I waited 70 days before getting a summit window on K2 last year. This is only day 49 of this expedition and the Himalayan climbing season isn’t typically over till the end of May.

Photos: Left: Huge amount of snowfall makes avalanches in base camp a real threat; Right: My tent after being dug out from nearly a meter of snow



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