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2009 Solo Manaslu Expedition

Dispatch Forty-seven: May 9th, 2009

Day Forty-seven: Spanish Climber Goes Blind in One Eye in Camp II

Today, after a very cold night in Base Camp (the temperature without wind-chill was -12C) Mario and I headed to the mess tent in a relatively clear morning for breakfast. Soon after, the weather came in and the snow began. We wondered what the Russians and Andalucians were doing higher up on the mountain, so headed down to the Andalucianís base camp to find out. Lina had spent an awful night in Camp II (6,800m) having trouble breathing, and Ana apparently had major problems with her vision; now unable to see anything out of her right eye. They were heading down to base camp, as were the Russians; high winds crushing any possibility of a summit bid. Anaís problem didnít resolve itself upon descent as we had hoped so she is scheduled for evacuation by helicopter tomorrow. Linaís condition improved dramatically after she reached Camp I and now is back to normal safe in Base Camp. After visiting with the Andalucians and bidding farewell to Stephanie Clement, one of the French on Carlos Paunerís permit, I headed back to my base camp for dinner, which Mario and I prepared. We chatted for some time, then headed to bed, the weather horrendous; snow with lightning.

Photos: Full Moon in Manaslu Base Camp... Photos at night



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