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Extreme High Altitude Athlete
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2009 Solo Manaslu Expedition

Dispatch Fifty-one: May 13th, 2009

Day Fifty-one: Carlos Pauner and Team Evacíd to KTM by Helicopter

This morning, Mario and I headed up to the helipad to say goodbye to Carlos Pauner, his frostbitten cameraman, and Jose Ramon, all of whom are taking a helicopter back to Kathmandu today instead of walking the five days to Arughat. After this, we were visited by the Russians who wanted to know our plans in the coming days. They are considering heading down if they donít receive an amazing forecast with a week-long summit window at minimum in the coming days. Although unlikely, itís possible as typically before the start of the monsoon, there is a short period of good weather. This is what Mario and I are hoping for next week. We told them that we planned on waiting a few days for the forecast to decide what to do as we had no idea if the good weather forecast on the 16th was just for a day or the beginning of a summit window. In the afternoon, our hopes were answered. We received a forecast that pointed to the 18th as a summit day, with almost no wind! Mario and I will, weather withstanding, head up on the 16th to Camp II and start our summit bid.

Photos: Left: The Mouse hiding under my sleeping bag; Right: Pika mouse in the corner of my tent



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