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Extreme High Altitude Athlete
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2009 Solo Manaslu Expedition

Dispatch Six: March 29th, 2009

Day Six: Trek Day 3: Machha Khola to Jagat

Today, after packing up our things, we started the trek to Jagat in the cool hours of the morning. An hour later, we arrived to Tatopani (literally translated “hot water”), a village with natural hot springs. We opted however, not to bathe in the springs, as we would surely be just as dirty if we washed ourselves and continued on the dusty trail as we would be if we didn’t. We had some sodas and continued toward Jagot. The morning yielded to the hot sticky afternoon, and the heat took its toll. The trail became quite steep and we opted to take a break at Yaruphant, supposedly two hours away from Jagat. After around 20 minutes, I headed out. The route climbed up 400 meters of stone stairs only to drop all the way back down to the river bed below. 45 minutes later, I arrived at our camp in Jagat. Here we officially enter the Manaslu Conservation Area. We once again showed our trekking permits to officials at the camp. While waiting for the porters to arrive, a thunder storm began; gentle showers turned to sheets of rain as lightning lit up the grey skies and thunder echoed off the massive cliff sides around us. It was all quite dramatic. We took refuge on the “porch” of one of the shops and then ventured into the pouring rain after the porters arrived, to set up camp. I unpacked my things into a very wet tent, got my things organized and headed to dinner. Hopefully the storm will clear up before we start tomorrow.

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