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Broad Peak Expedition 2007

Current Time in Islamabad

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Dispatch 1: June 10th, 2007 Arrival In Islamabad, Pakistan

Dispatch 2: June 11th, 2007 Day Two in Islamabad

Dispatch 3: Briefings and Still No Bag

Dispatch 4: The Karakorum Highway to Chilas

Dispatch 5: The Karakorum Highway from Chilas to Skardu

Dispatch 6: Skardu and News about my Bag

Dispatch 7: Skardu; Final Preparations for The Expedition

Dispatch 8: Jeep Ride from Skardu to Askole

Dispatch 9: The Trek Begins: Askole to Jhula

Dispatch 10: Day Two of the Trek: Jhula to Paiju

Dispatch 11: Day Three of the Trek: Rest Day at Paiju

Dispatch 12: Day Four of the Trek: Paiju to Urdukas

Dispatch 13: Day Five of the Trek: Urdukas to Goro II

Dispatch 14: Day Six of the Trek: Goro II to Broad Peak Base Camp

Dispatch 15: Rest Day At Broad Peak Base Camp

Dispatch 16: Base Camp; Preparation for the Carry to Camp I

Dispatch 17: Carry to Camp I postponed  

Dispatch 18: Carry to Camp I; Rock Fall Injury

Dispatch 19: Stormy Weather sets in with High Winds; Retreat from CI  

Dispatch 20: Rest Day at Stormy Broad Peak Base Camp  

Dispatch 21: Rest Day; Iranian Climber Rescued From Camp II  

Dispatch 22: Rest Day; Problems with ATP 

Dispatch 23: Climb to Camp I Once Again Postponed 

Dispatch 24: Rest / Storm Day at Base Camp 

Dispatch 25: Rest Day; Another Climber Injured by Rock Fall 

Dispatch 26: Climb to Camp I 

Dispatch 27: Climb to Camp II; High Winds and Heavy Snowfall 

Dispatch 28: Retreat to Base Camp; High Winds Continue 

Dispatch 29: Rest Day At Base Camp

Dispatch 30: Rest Day At Base Camp 

Dispatch 31: Rest Day At Base Camp; More Issues with Food

Dispatch 32: Climb from Base Camp to Camp II

Dispatch 33: Retreat from Camp II

Dispatch 34: Rest Day at Base Camp

Dispatch 35: Rest Day at Camp; Dirk and Italian Climber Missing

Dispatch 36: Bad Weather; Change of Plans

Dispatch 37: Missing Climber, Dirk Grunert Back in Base Camp

Dispatch 38: Snowfall continues All Night; Summit Bid Postponed

Dispatch 39: Day One of Summit Bid; Climb to Camp II

Dispatch 40: Day Two of Summit Bid; Climb to Camp III

Dispatch 41: Summit Day; Cerebral Edema

Dispatch 42: Descent From Camp III with Cerebral Edema

Dispatch 43: Recovery at Base Camp; Facial Edema; Burns

Dispatch 44: Preparations for Departure from Base Camp

Dispatch 45: Departure from Base Camp

Dispatch 46: Urdukas to Paiju

Dispatch 47: Paiju to Korofong

Dispatch 48: Korofong to Askole and Jeeps to Skardu

Dispatch 49: Day in Skardu; Ana (Poland) in Intensive Care