Text Box: Nicholas Rice
Extreme High Altitude Athlete
Text Box: Xpedition 8000

2007 Broad Peak Expedition

Dispatch Forty-Six: July 25th, 2007

Day Forty-Six: Urdukas to Paiju

Today we woke up after a respectively very warm night thanks to the drop in altitude. Again the tents were ripped down the second the porters heard us move inside, and we were on our way at 6:00am. The day began quite slowly as walking had become a very painful endeavor. As the day continued, I decided to head ahead of the group and I increased my pace. I arrived at Paiju at 12:30pm and again waited for our slow porters to arrive. I was thankful that I had sped up as the temperature was rising quite drastically as the afternoon progressed and the clouds that had been keeping the morning cool began to burn off. The others arrived around three o’clock and we had lunch. They decided since we had eaten late, that we should not bother with dinner so we let the cook know this, and proceeded to rest our aching joints in our tents.

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