2003 McKinley Expedition

Nicholas Rice on the summit of McKinley
McKinley from squirrel hill
View of Foraker from 14,200 camp
Avalanche from the summit pyramid viewed from ABC
The summit ridge
Nick Rice in a storm (note the smile ;p)
View from "the edge of the world"
Above the clouds on the West Buttress
View from the top of the headwall (16,200ft)
ABC and Foraker
Wind whipped summit pyramid
Camp 16,200ft just above the headwall
Approaching ABC
Mount Foraker
The headwall
Snow blowing off the summit
The Kahiltna Glacier on the approach to ABC
On the west butress
On the final approach to "Pig Hill" and the summit
Nicholas Rice on the summit of McKinley
Climbers on Pig Hill
View of the North Summit from Pig Hill
Jason and Brandon Tanguay at the top of Denali Pass
Above Denali Pass
Denali Pass and the North Summit viewed from "The Crow's...
High Camp
The North Summit
approaching the top of Denali Pass
Taking a break on the headwall
Base Camp and the landing strip for the airplanes
Airplane taking off from the glacier runway
Our air transport to the Kahiltna
The Talkeetna Airport
Our gear being packed before our flight
The approach to ABC is gorgeous
Inside the tent
The darkest it gets on McKinley
Our tents at ABC
Climbers with sleds approaching camp
Avalanche debris next to ABC
ABC, Hunter and the avalanche debris
Helicopter evacuation at ABC
Climbers breaking trail on the headwall after an avalanche
The headwall
Nick and Brandon Tanguay at "the edge of the world"
Nick Rice at "the edge of the world"
Jason and Brandon Tanguay at the "edge of the world"
Mount Foraker
Mount Hunter
The summit with high winds (almost forming a lenticular...
Avalanche Debris

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