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Nicholas Rice has been featured in hundreds of print articles around the globe including Climbing Magazine, Men’s Journal, Alpinist Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times just to name a few. He’s also appeared on television shows such as BBC World News, Good Day LA, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, and dozens of others (see below). Additionally, Nick has done interviews for NPR’s Day to Day (National Public Radio) and KNX1070 (CBS News Radio). He will be featured in a documentary airing on the Discovery Channel (March 25th, 2009). It details the tragedy that unfolded during the K2 expedition in 2008. There will also be a separate documentary produced by Brook Lapping in the UK. Nick’s audience is estimated at over 445,419,103 people around the globe. Below are the links to a few of the articles/videos featuring Nick Rice. Click here for a complete list of Nick’s Media (pdf). Click here for Nick’s Sponsorship Packet.

Below are some examples of Nick’s recent press.

On August 6th, 2008 Nicholas Rice did a live interview with Richard Roth via Satellite Phone from base camp. Watch the segment by clicking here. (for Firefox, click screenshot to the left)

Text Box: CBS Evening News with Katie Couric
Text Box: Observer Sports Monthly Cover Story

Excerpt from Article For a 23-year-old, Rice has a lot of high-altitude experience and a wise head on his young shoulders. K2 would still be there next year. The trick, as British mountaineer Don Whillans used to say, would be to make sure that he was.”

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Text Box: National Public Radio– Live Interview

The Daily Breeze—Cover Article

Excerpt from Article “Nick Rice witnessed a fellow mountain climber fall to his death. Then 11 members of his expedition died in an avalanche. Rice's fingers and toes are frostbitten, and he's still stuck on the side of K2.

And yet the 23-year-old adventurer from Hermosa Beach said Tuesday that he will return to Pakistan to make another bid for the summit of one of the world's most dangerous mountains.

"I can say with 100 percent certainty I will be back in Pakistan on an 8,000-meter peak next year," he said.

In a satellite telephone call with the Daily Breeze from a base camp at K2, Rice said he is looking forward to coming home to the South Bay after this journey ends.”



Text Box: Good Day LA—Live Interview

On August 5th, 2008, Nicholas Rice did a 45 minute live interview for NPR’s Day to Day. The program is aired nationwide to over 80,000,000 people.


Day to Day, August 5, 2008 · An avalanche on Pakistan's K2 mountain has taken the lives of at least 11 climbers. Alex Chadwick talks to Nicholas Rice, who is currently at a base camp near K2. The young mountaineer turned back from an ascent to the summit just hours before the avalanche.


Text Box: Climbing Magazine– Epics Issue

Excerpt from Article “Alpinist Nick Rice, 23, of Hermosa Beach, California, was at K2’s Camp 4, (ca. 25,000 feet) on August 1, when the tragedy began. For several days, he was one of the few sources of information about the unfolding accident—the deadliest since the first ascent of the 28,251-foot mountain almost 55 years ago. Climbing as member of the French expedition, Rice had started toward the summit early that morning but turned back because of impending frostbite. Later that day, icefall severed the fixed lines, trapping a score of climbers at around 27,200 feet, in the “death zone.” If Rice had continued upward, he very likely would have been trapped, too. A minor mishap that morning—spilling water on his socks—followed by good judgment later may be what saved him. “



Text Box: Los Angeles Times– Cover Article

“When Nicholas Rice awoke just before midnight July 31, he was confident that the next day he would stand on the summit of K2, the world’s second-highest mountain and the most challenging to climb.

The forecast was for good weather, and after some earlier health issues, Rice was feeling strong. The 23-year-old climber from Hermosa Beach planned to climb K2 as he had other Himalayan peaks, alone and without supplemental oxygen.

In his tent at camp four, a staging ground for summit attempts located 8,000 meters up the mountain in the so-called “death zone,” he began the tedious job of melting snow on a small stove. He knew it would take more than an hour to melt the two liters he would need for his climb, but just as he had finished melting the first panful of water, he spilled it, soaking his socks, and delaying his start for two hours.”



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Speaking Engagements

On December 11th, 2008, Nicholas Rice presented his story of survival as a power point presentation for Recreational Equipment Incorporated in Manhattan Beach, CA. The presentation featured photos from Nick’s past 8000 meter expeditions and detailed Nick’s 2008 K2 Expedition.


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REI Manhattan Beach K2 Presentation

December 11th, 2008

K2 Presentation for Los Compadres Youth Group, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

March 15th, 2009