2007 Aconcagua Expedition

Our Mule Loads
Quebrada del Rio Vacas, the trail head for Plaza...
Josh's tent at Pampa de Lenas
Last hour of the trek to Casa de Piedra
Looking back down the Vacas Valley
Casa de Piedra Camp; the second camp enroute to Base Camp
Our tent at Casa de Piedra
Casa de Piedra
The shelter built into a boulder for the mule skinners
Looking up the Relinchos Valley
Aconcagua viewed from Relinchos Valley
Plaza Argentina, Base Camp
Penitentes enroute to Camp I
Resting at Camp I
Our Tent at Camp I
Our tent after building up the rock wall
The andes viewed from above the col
Climbers enroute to Camp II
View of the Andes
Looking back towards Camp I
View of the summit and Polish Glacier from Camp II
Camp I during the storm
Base Camp after the storm
Looking up towards Camp I from Base Camp after our...
Winds blasting the summit
Winds blast Aconcagua
Back in Santiago, Chile

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