2005 Gasherbrum I and II Expedition

Gasherbrum I viewed from Camp I
Our Cook :P
Base Camp
Unknown Mountain viewed from Depot Camp
GI and the ice fall viewed from Base Camp
Our prayer flags
During the puja ceremony
Tirta Tamang putting up the flags
Avalanche on GI
Our porters waiting for their tips after completing the...
Nick Rice at the Junction of the Himalayas, Karakorum,...
View point on the KKH
Dassu and the restaurant we ate lunch at (with flies...
The mighty Indus River
Al Faisal Mosque in Islamabad
Al Faisal Mosque in Islamabad
GI and the ice fall
The team taking a break in the ice fall
Camp I during one of the MANY storms that hit teams in 2005
A snowball fight breaks out at Camp I
it was just the thing to get everyone out of their tents
Our jeaps on the way to Askole
The driver listens to some American music on his smoke break
The jeaps in Shigar valley
Shigar Valley
The Italians; Elloise, Michaela, and Mario
Nick Rice in Skardu
The gear jeap with all our equipment
Skardu and the first glimpse of the Karakorum
The view from the balcony of the hotel
Street scene in Skardu
just above Urdukas on the trek into base camp
The glacier walk to Goro II
View from Urdukas
The beginning of the Baltoro Glacier
Mouth of the glacier
Uli Biaho Tower and the Trango Towers
Nick in front of the Trango Towers
Trango Towers
Mountain viewed from Jhula
Mountain viewed from Jhula
Porters taking a break
Meagan McGrath
Children on the trek into Jhula
Italy versus Germany
World War III continues at Camp I
Italy versus Korea!
GI from Camp I
GI and Camp I
GI (Hidden Peak)
Camp I
Base Camp

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