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Dispatch Forty-four: October 7th, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Forty-four: CatalŠn Expedition Heads Down; Heavy Snow

Today, after breakfast in snowy base camp, we received a visit from the Catalan Expedition as they were heading down to Chinese Base Camp. One of their members has some pretty severe frostbite on his hands (we gave him the remainder of Marioís stash of Heparin for his journey down to Kathmandu). We had coffees, chatted for a bit, then bid them farewell and wished them luck with their journeys home. After this, we spent the afternoon socializing in various mess tents. We paid a visit to the Japanese Camp (one woman and three sherpas), however, the Japanese member was sleeping after returning from the deposit, so we didnít get a chance to meet her. In the evening, we heard a very large avalanche in the distance, but couldnít figure out where it came from (itís possible it was a large piece of the glacier calving off into the lake next to base camp). We also heard three shots (we think gun-shots) around 10pm. We are assuming that it came from the Chinese Camp (as we think that they are a military expedition), but weíre not sure. We went to bed in a very windy base camp.

Photo: Left: Our snowy base camp; Right: Shishapangma shrouded in clouds and high winds in the afternoon.


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