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Dispatch Forty: October 3rd, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Forty: Snow in Advanced Base Camp; Wait for Weather Window

Today, after a leisurely breakfast, Kinga, Lou, Alex, Jorea, and I headed over to the mess tent to kill the time. We received news from Lou that Andrew and Neil had spent the night in a bivy around 7,600m and had only just reached Camp III this morning. Lack of visibility coupled with snowfall and wind had forced them to stop their descent and wait till morning to continue. We are all  very pleased that Andrew and Neil did in fact summit the Main Summit, as this bodes well for our attempt in the coming days (though additional snowfall on the route will surely mean an even harder day than the 27 hour summit day that Andrew and Neil endured). We chatted for awhile, then settled into a movie. We killed the day as best we could with our books and magazines, ate dinner, then went to bed. Andrew and Neil are spending the night in Camp I and are expected in base camp tomorrow afternoon. 

Photos: Left: Kinga under her umbrella in the base camp snow ; Right: Kinga, Lou, Nick, and Alex in Jorea’s tent for a movie :)


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