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Dispatch Thirty-six: September 29th, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Thirty-six: Rest and Recuperation in Advanced Base Camp

Today, after our first good night of sleep in nearly a week, Mario and I had a long breakfast. The day started out warm, but the clouds rolled in mid-day and made for quite a chilly afternoon. I forced myself to do the huge amount of laundry that had accumulated despite the cool temperatures. We headed over to Juanito’s base camp for lunch, which he prepared himself and spent the better part of the afternoon chatting. We returned to our camp only to have yet another visit from Juanito in our camp that lasted most of the evening. We played with the thought of heading over to the south face, fully acclimated, and making the main summit in alpine style, though logistically, this plan had a few too many hurdles. Not the least of our worries was the gear that Mario and I had up as high as Camp III (7,300 meters) on the North Face. We would definitely need to stay on this side of the mountain and hopefully, weather allowing, make another try for the main summit; at the very least make the trip to Camp III to retrieve our gear. We had momo masala for dinner (it was quite spicy and a bit offensive to our burnt lips and tongues, but we soldiered on; whatever happened to easing back into a normal diet upon return from high altitude), then went to bed, exhausted, the last week’s epic effort finally catching up to us.

Photos: Left: Shishapangma viewed from close to the deposit with Sherpas descending in the foreground post summit-bid ; Right: Looking west from above Camp III with the vast expanse of the Tibetan plateau in view


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