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Dispatch Thirty-five: September 28th, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Thirty-five: Descent from Camp III to Advanced Base Camp

Today, after lingering in the tent waiting for the sun to finally warm the inside, I finally emerged around 8am, packed up my equipment, and started down toward Advanced Base Camp. The others had left an hour earlier, but I decided that I needed to organize the tent so that it wasn’t such a disaster next time we stay the night in Camp III. I found gloves frozen under the mattress pads and cleared quite a bit of snow from close to the doorway. I took note of what gear we had in Camp III, then started down the steep slope toward Camp II. I stopped in each of the camps on the way down and made water and tried to drink and eat as much as possible. I stowed my down suit in the Camp II tent, and my sleeping bag in the Camp I tent. As things stand now, Mario and I must head back up at least to Camp III to collect our gear, so even if everyone else gives up on the main summit, chances are, Mario and I will at least give it a try, as we will be under 12 hours away in Camp III (weather permitting of course). I managed to catch up with the others in the penitentes and we arrived as a group to base camp. Mario and I tried to stomach the food that Gopal made us, and savored the cold beers and cokes that we had stashed in base camp. I spoke for quite a while with our neighboring expedition and went to bed around 10pm, quite late for base camp.

Photos: Left: Peak on the summit ridge viewed from close to the North Summit ; Right: Camp III with Tolo in the foreground


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