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Dispatch Thirty-one: September 24rd, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Thirty-one: Climb from Advanced Base Camp to Camp I

Today, after a quick breakfast, Mario and I headed up around 7:00am and arrived to the deposit around the same time as Juanito and Tolo. We discussed a weather forecast that one of the Catalans had given us indicating heavy snowfall on the 27th, our proposed summit day. We checked Mario’s sat phone and received a new forecast that still held the 27th as a good summit day. We dismissed the other forecast as inaccurate and continued up toward Camp I. The weather was far from perfect, clouds covering both summits and what appeared to be a lenticular around the summit pyramid. Mario and I settled into Camp I, this time, only two in the tent since one of Juanito’s Sherpas had headed down after carrying to Camp I. We ate a late lunch, then settled into our sleeping bags as the sun dipped behind the surrounding peaks and the temperature plummeted.

Photos: Left: Camp I ; Right: Camp I first thing in the morning


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