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Dispatch Twenty-eight: September 21st, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Twenty-eight: Rest Day in ABC; Plans for Carry to Camp III

Today, after a long breakfast, Mario and I headed over to Juanitoís camp to discuss plans for the coming days. Mario and I intend to start up toward Camp III the day after tomorrow. We will climb directly from ABC to Camp II, sleep, then carry up our tent and high altitude equipment to Camp III, check out the conditions for the different options we have for gaining access to the main summit, then head down and rest. We will then be prepared for our summit push pending good weather. Juanito has decided that the next time him and his sherpas go up, they will be going for the summit, so they are going to be resting in base camp for the next week or so. As Mario and I arenít using Sherpas, we need to have our camps set up and gear in place so that we arenít too heavy heading up to Camp III on† our summit bid. We will then have most of our energy in reserve in case we canít make the traverse and are forced to descend to Camp III and try via the Iňaki route. The weather is forecast to be less than ideal with a small amount of snowfall in the afternoons and windy conditions likely so the possibility of our carry interfering or coming too close to our summit bid is very low. With luck, we will be able to establish Camp III, descend quickly, and rest three or four days before heading up for our summit bid, weather permitting, around the 29th of September.

Photos: Left: Shishapangma viewed from Advanced Base Camp ; Right: Nick in his base camp tent; note the laundry hanging in the background


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