Text Box: Xpedition 8000

Dispatch Eighteen: September 11th, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Eighteen: Preparations for Climb to Camp I and Carry to Camp II

Today, after making breakfast and cleaning up, Mario and I started preparing our packs for tomorrow when we will be hopefully climbing up to and sleeping in Camp I and the next day, establishing Camp II. We sorted food, and packed another tent. We will be relatively light until we reach our cache in the deposit, which consists of the heavier items like the shovel, sleeping bags, rope, harness, etc. After this was done, we fixed some Punjabi Cholley for lunch, which is packed with protein, iron, and potassium, all vital nutrients for proper acclimatization. We spent the afternoon further organizing our things, and ensuring that everything was locked and secure; we will after all be leaving our base camp completely unattended (normally the cook guards our things while we are up on the mountain) so it is vital that everything is put away and secure.


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