Text Box: Xpedition 8000

Dispatch Seventeen: September 10th, 2009

2009 Shishapangma Expedition

Day Seventeen: Mario Returns to ABC; Paola takes Jeep to Nyalam

Today, after fixing myself breakfast and completing the usual tasks that a kitchen boy would normally complete, I settled in with a book. The morning was strange; snow but with scorching temperatures that didnít even allow one single flake to settle into the ground before forcing it to melt. The mess tent was so hot that my electronics started to not charge properly. They were indicating that they were full when I had just used them and nearly exhausted their battery reserves. I opted not to charge them until it cooled down. Iíve already ruined a new hard drive here in base camp by attempting to operate it when it was too cold, I wasnít about to ruin the rest of my equipment. After lunch, Mario returned to ABC. He told me that Paola was great on the way down and felt much better at Chinese Base Camp, but in the morning, had severe facial edema and now would be half way to Nyalam with our cook to recover even lower. She will stay in Nyalam for four days and if she feels better there, will return slowly to ABC. In the mean time, Mario and I plan on resting in base camp tomorrow, then heading up to establish and sleep in Camp I then establish Camp II and return to ABC. We prepared dinner in the kitchen tent, which turned out brilliantly, chatted for awhile in the mess tent, yelled at a few Tibetans who thought it within their right to rummage through our food in the kitchen tent, then headed to bed, making sure that everything was closed and secure so that we wouldnít field any return visitors.


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